I just wanted to share what I have learned this week through blogging. Just think, cue A Whole New World from Disney’s Aladdin or if you’d rather Dvorak’s New World Symphony. Can you hear the music? Good

I had no idea the kind of people I would meet through book blogging. It really is a whole new world for me and my sister and we’re having a lot of fun. We’ve learned so much and met some wonderful people in the book blogging world and we have Natasha @ Maw Books to thank. (I meet her through a mutual friend, she mentioned she blogs, I checked it out, talked with my sister and Book Scoops was born). Here’s some newly learned information that we wanted to share.

1. There is such a word as Kidlitosphere (my new favorite word) – a group of bloggers that read, love and review children’s and adolescent literature. It’s what we read. We are so glad to be part of this group, which includes some pretty awesome people from SAHMs to authors to teachers to librarians to engineers and  many more. The one thing we have in common is reading kid lit.

2. Cybils (Children’s & Young Adult Bloggers’ Literary Awards) – If you are looking for some great titles to add to your library or not sure what to have your kids read. Check out the CYBILS. There is also a great guest  post by Jen Robinson at Shelf Space about them as well. Her blog is one of my favorites of this week.

3. Poetry Fridays – Want to know about some great poetry? Well every Friday participating kidlit bloggers post poetry and some volunteers to host or in other words puts the links together for everyone. It’s fun. For a better explanation look over at the poetry foundationBig A little a keeps the running list of blogs that are hosting.

4. Carnivel of Children’s Literature – Every month, a list of links about children’s books. For more info check out this post at Chicken Spaghetti

5. Also I am participating in the Comment Challenge, which has been fun so far. We both are enjoying meeting new people and making comments on other blogs. It would be nice if Holly could move so then she could get some other Internet connection besides dial-up. Yep that’s right folks she has been blogging with dial-up, which we all know is sooo ffaaasst, it’s driving her batty. So send positive thoughts/prayers her way that her house will sell soon.

So here’s to another great week of blogging!