Picture Book Thumbnail The Adventures of Ruffle Duck

The Adventures of Ruffle Duck

Do You Love Me Mama Duck? (A Ruffle Duck Book)

The Adventures of Ruffle Duck (the chicken)

Book 1

Ruffle Duck (the chicken) is the last duckling to hatch. He can’t swim, he can’t quack and he can’t fly.

But Ruffle refuses to admit defeat! Join in his adventures as he faces his greatest fears, conquers his greatest challenges and asks the really big questions like:

What if I’m just a chicken?

Cover of Children's picture book Do You Love Me Mama Duck?

Do You Love Me Mama Duck? (A Ruffle Duck Book)

Do You Love Me Mama Duck? (A Ruffle Duck Book)

Ruffle Duck (the chicken) wonders if Mama Duck loves him even though he is not like anyone else in his family.

Is Ruffle Duck lovable just the way he is?

Picture Book Thumbnail of Ruffle Duck I Love You Coloring & Activity Book

Ruffle Duck I Love You

A Coloring & Activity Book 

Ruffle Duck I Love You      (A COLORING & ACTIVITY Book)

No more boredom! Kids love being independent problem solvers and getting creative with Ruffle Duck because whether he is a duck or a chicken, he is definitely one fun bird!  Join Ruffle Duck for fun, games coloring and activities!

    Bonus: Two free bookmarks to cut out on the back!

    Thumbnail Image of Drops of Love Coloring Pages & Affirmations Coloring book for new and expectant Mom and those who loves them.

    Drops of Love  Coloring Pages & Affirmations for new and expectant Moms

    Achieve optimal serenity and focus with Holly Papa’s fresh new approach to adult coloring. Each coloring page has one illustration with a coordinating affirmation to encourage and support women who choose to breastfeed.

    As you meditate on the positive affirmations and color each page, you will discover confidence that you have all the tool and skills necessary to be a successful mother and woman.

    This book provides a portable resource to help all women feel supported, protected, and enabled to breastfeed through unique artwork. When finished, you will have art that is beautiful, extraordinary and… AMAZING. Just. Like. You.

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