Artist Statement:

I create to know what it is to be connected, to be understood, to give voice to quiet things. I source found and thrifted fabric remnants. This traditional evidence of women’s work serves as the basis for many of my paintings. I listen to the fabric as I stretch it and prepare it to receive new life- to be re-created. Emotions, story and narrative are key in my process- as important as pigment and canvas. In each remnant, there is a story. I add to this story embellished details, a twist in the plot, a new ending. I build upon a rich tradition of making. I paint to bring light to dark and scary things. I paint to be brave. I paint to talk about desires and hope. I paint about beautiful, personal experiences- to give voice to peace and stillness. I paint to heal the soul.

The gathering of fabrics and use of textiles as a foundation for my work is a metaphor of building on the history of women. My work celebrates the liberation of women’s creative nature to express, design and be free in metaphor through metal, sculpture and paint. I paint to claim the privilege of painting when many women before me were only given the right to weave and knit and sew. Many of my artistic heroines were barred from formal art studies.

Simultaneously narrative and abstract, my work is my story- a piece of me laid bare for all to see. To paint on textiles is to connect and become, an exercise in research and discovery that honors the craft of women. In my work, textiles, made canvas, become something new and altogether different, alluding to previous application, yet never able to become that thing again.

Zoom! Installation at Boise State University

Oil Paint and Vinyl, 2018