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Books to be ‘Thankful’ for:

by | Nov 18, 2008 | Blog | 18 comments

My #1Top pick

Thank you, Sarah The Woman Who Saved Thanksgiving by Laurie Halse Anderson, illustrated by Matt Faulkner

Officially my favorite Thanksgiving story ever! Follow the ‘heroic’ efforts of Sarah Hale, a lady ahead of her time, who was incredibly determined. Packed full of impressive multi-cultural ink & watercolor illustrations you will find more and more things to appreciate (and giggle over) at every read. When Sarah saw Thanksgiving shrinking into obscurity, she inspired many women in America to pick up their pens and petition for official recognition of this important national holiday. In conjunction with these women, it also took her own numerous articles, thousands of letters and 38 years to finally persuade someone to act. During the Civil War, Sarah appealed to President Lincoln with the idea that Thanksgiving could bring our nation together. Finally, in 1863, Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday. My favorite line? “Never underestimate dainty little ladies.” You better bet I’m thankful for Sarah this thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving on Thursday by Mary Pope Osborne

Book #27 in the Magic Tree House series will transport you to the first Thanksgiving feast in Plymouth. Full of fun facts about Pilgrim life, children will enjoy learning about herbs, roots, and period dialogue. One note- the illustrator does not know what corn seeds look like unless they’re on the cob, so don’t believe everything you see!

graciasGracias The Thanksgiving Turkey by Joy Cowley, illustrated by Joe Cepeda

Miguel gets a present from his Papa who drives a shiny red-and-silver truck all over the country.  When Miguel’s grandfather questions: “Where can we put a turkey? A New York City apartment is not a farm.” Miguel’s abuela lets him keep it in the bathroom. A fun adventure of caring for a turkey in the city will keep you on your toes. Will Papa be home in time for Turkey Dinner? Read the book and see

Thanksgiving Day at Our House, Thanksgiving Poems for the Very tday-at-our-houseYoung by Nancy White Carlstrom, illustrated by R.W. Alley

Designed for the younger kiddos you are grateful for (ages 3-6) comes a fun book full of rhymesand crisp illustrations. My favorite stanza: “Does Grandpa’s grace go on and on? Bless! Bless! Bless! And what do all the cousins do? Mess! Mess! Mess!”

Squanto Friend of the Pilgrims By Clyde Robert Bullasquanto

A great biography of Squanto, the Patuxet hero of the Pilgrims. Squanto traveled to England, returned to the ‘new world’, was kidnapped and taken to be sold as a slave in Spain, rescued and returned to England. When he finally found his way home he learns that he is the only survivor of his tribe. Follow his journey and find out why he chose to help the Pilgrims in their new world.

Spot’s Thanksgiving by Eric Hill

Your child’s first Thanksgiving board book. Simple. Concise. Great for toddlers. We love Spot at our house!


Merry Thanksgiving By Natasha Wing, illustrated by Isidre Mones

Santa makes an unexpected visit to rescue a family’s Thanksgiving holiday. Very cute, fun to read with the kids who will laugh merrily at Santa’s “Ho, ho, ho! Merry Thanksgiving!”

Turk and Runt A Thanksgiving Comedy By Lisa Wheeler, pictures by Frank Ansley

Growing up on Wishbone Farm has gone to Turk’s head. Luckily, his little brother Runt convinces him what is in store for a plump, strong turkey who wants the limelight all to himself. When disaster comes to Wishbone Farm, Turk comes to his senses to save the day, followed by Runt’s genius idea to avoid the next holiday rush. A very cute, fun story to add to your Turkey day collection.

 Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you enjoy giving Thanks this holiday. I have many things to be grateful for. My loving husband and children, my beautiful home, my family and friends- and a wonderful book blogging community! Thank you for making the world a better place by encouraging reading! What’s your favorite Turkey day book?


  1. Andrea of JOMB

    Ooh. Have to get our hands on “Thank you, Sarah”. It sounds great. Our girls love Gracias, too.

    I think my favourite Thanksgiving season book is Snowsong Whistling — it just feeels great to read it.

    Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Bookie Woogie

    I love Amy June Bate’s illustrations in “Give Thanks to the Lord.”

    “Thanksgiving With Me” by Margaret Willey is another favorite…


  3. hollybookscoops

    Andrea- I just ordered Snowsong Whistling from the library.
    It looks like it sets the holiday mood all by itself. Can’t wait to read it!

    BW- I’m going to have to be on the lookout for GTttL, it’s not at our library, but I love books with great illustration. I’ll have to put this on my list of books to hunt down. We are going to order Thanksgiving With Me right now! I have seven brothers, so I’m sure my boys will get a kick out of 6 uncles in one book! Thanks for the tips!

  4. tara

    Thanks for all the wonderful holiday book suggestions!

  5. kimbaise

    What a great blog, so glad to find you! Nancy and I are sisters who blog about kidlit too, so we have lots in common 🙂
    I’ll have to check out Snowsong Whistling now.
    Thanks for the great suggestions.

  6. kimbaise

    PS. My son will love to have that Magic Tree house one. he loves that series!
    Thanks again.

  7. Kelly

    Thank You, Sarah is a cool book that I read to my children last year. I did not know that story, so it was news to me as well! Very cool story about perseverence.

  8. caribookscoops

    kimbaise – aren’t sisters the best. Glad to know we aren’t the only kidlit sisters out there!

    hollybookscoops – I have a lot of things to be grateful for – Warm house, wonderful kids, food, spouse, transportation, etc. Thanks for the book suggestions. Thank you, Sarah sounds fantastic.

  9. hollybookscoops

    tara- you’re welcome!

    Kimbaise- This was the 1st magic tree house book we’ve had at our house. I think we will be getting many more. It’s exciting to know there are more kidlit sisters out there.

    Kelly- I agree, very good story about perseverance.

    Cari- Yep, sisters are the best. I think you should definitely check out Thank you Sarah, you would love it!

  10. alirambles

    My kids loved the whole Magic Treehouse series when they were younger and we would often keep reading much longer than we meant to because we couldn’t stop at the end of the chapter. I think the later ones are even better (less formulaic, anyway) than the earlier ones.

  11. Sherrie

    My daughter told me she wants to read the Magic Treehouse book tomorrow. We’ve had it for a while but never actually read it!

    ‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving by Dav Pilkey is hands down my favorite Thanksgiving book (and not just because I’m vegetarian!).

  12. hollybookscoops

    Alirambles- I know how that goes. Sometimes my kids don’t even have to beg, “just one more” because I want to turn the page just as much as they do. I’m sure the Magic Treehouse series will be that way especially the newer ones which, as you mentioned are less formulaic.

    Sherrie- Happy reading! I hope it gets you in the mood for some turkey dinner and pumpkin pie.

    Andrea- I just got Snowsong whistling today and I loved the rhythm and cadence of the song. Not to mention the cool pictures. You’re right. It totally sets the mood for the season and tempts you to dance around with a smile on your face and a twinkle in your eye.

  13. L. Owen

    I love the photos of you two as girls. So cute! And I’m excited to check our some of your book picks. Thanks!


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