Month: March 2013

Ungifted by Gordon Korman

Donovan Curtis is a magnet for trouble. He can’t seem to avoid it no matter where he goes. So when he destroys his middle school gym, he needs a place to hide. When some paperwork gets mixed up in the disaster, Donovan...

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J. Scott Savage is in Boise!

J. Scott Savage, author of the Far World Series is coming to do a book signing in Boise and Meridian! What? You’ve never been to a book signing? Book signings are so fun people! You want to know how I know Mr. Savage is cool? Okay, I’ll tell you: He’s teaching a class at WIFYR this summer. You know, that amazing writer’s conference Cari and I keep telling you guys about every summer? Well, they only let cool authors come there. That’s how I know.

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