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Cowboy & Octopus by Jon Scieszka & Lane Smith

by | Jan 19, 2011 | Blog | 1 comment

This book is funny the same way that Napolean Dynamite is funny. All the jokes are dead-pan come-again type. The kind that kids love. We read this book over and over and over. A fun companion to those cowboy boots your little one is asking for and a little leg up on telling jokes, although the authors don’t seem to ever have gone much past the 4-5 year old joke stage.

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  1. Betsy Parkes

    How did I miss this book by Scieszka and Smith. They’re books are always so clever, I love it! Thanks for the post. I’ll be checking this out of the library on my next trip. 🙂

    And…I saw your About Us page. Our website is a sisters-who-love-books creation too. (It’s ) It’s a fun project to work on together, huh?

    Glad to have stumbled across your site. It’s great. I’ve bookmarked it so I remember to check again soon.

    Betsy Parkes


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