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Violet and the Mean and Rotten Pirates by Richard Hamilton, Read by Bill Wallis

by | Dec 24, 2008 | Blog | 1 comment

violetandthemeanandrottenpiratesThis is a book my whole family listened to on a recent road trip. Pirates find an abandoned ship and in their hopes to find treasure they find a baby instead. They decide to keep the baby and name her Violet and call her Vile for short. These pirates are not all bad as they do seem to manage to raise the baby, keep her alive and the pirate captain faints when he sees blood. The pirates don’t want to kill people. They teach her all kinds of things including how to use a sword, sail a ship and to read. Of course they also have lots of adventure and eventually go on land to try and be land loving people, but mostly so that Violet can meet some other people. The pirates aren’t really sure what to do though as they have spent most of their lives on the sea robbing and pillaging ships. So they come up with a pretty creative idea to earn money – a pirate circus.

I liked the idea of a baby being raised by pirates, but I the book seeemed a little awkward in places and odd, but I guess the whole idea of pirates being able to raise a baby is odd. My daughter liked the story.

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