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Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

by | Oct 3, 2008 | Blog | 5 comments

After much reluctance and foot dragging, I finally gave in and read the ‘Mormon Vampire’ book. I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t gory and disgusting and terribly frightening- which were the main reasons I couldn’t bring myself to read a book about vampires- I don’t like creepy things. It was interesting and fun with just the right amount of creepiness. I will probably read the rest of the series eventually, even though (cringe) Iā€™m not over-the-top obsessed with them as so many are. Thanks to my good friend, Becky for giving me the book to read, knowing I wouldn’t be able to resist it once I had it at my house (which I admit, was kind of embarrassing- especially when my husband saw it- he thinks it’s some teeny-bopper heart-throb thing). Anyway, I do recommend it, although I personally would not let my children read it until at least 16. It’s really not that creepy after all!


Happy reading! Holly


  1. Brit

    Holly, totally agree–won’t let my girls (if I have any) read these books until they are older. I too, am not obsessed and don’t LOVE them (gasp), but they are an easy Y.A. read and were entertaining. On my second reading of the series (to refresh for the movie) I felt Bella defined herself through boys…she was depressed, whines, etc over guys and I just tho’t it was lame. I want my girls to have more confidence in themselves as a woman, an individual who doesn’t need to be defined by the opposite sex.
    If you read all of them, I’d like to know what you think. I didn’t like the last one at all.
    P.S. Love the blog…always looking for a good read.

  2. Cynthia

    I enjoyed the first book mainly because of the new ideas about vampires (why they don’t go in the sun, etc.) but as I continued reading the series I got more and more irritated with Bella and her obsession over Edward. While I agree with a lot from the above comment, I did enjoy the last book. I thought it was a good ending to an okay series and a step up from books two and three.
    Overall I think Stephanie Meyer wrote some pretty good literary junk food…while teaching people to have unrealistic expectations about love and relationships, etc. Hmmm… good call on not letting young kids read them.

    I really enjoyed “The Host,” the other book Stehpanie Meyer. Let me know if you read it. I’d love to discuss it too. šŸ™‚

  3. Dejah Leger

    I feel so mixed about these books. On the one hand, I couldn’t put them down. I’ve read all four and I would read them again (someday). They are awesome junk-food books, to borrow Cynthia’s phrase! There’s no reason they should be so good, and they have gathered quite a following (and hey, teens reading is always a good thing). On the other hand, as a mom and liberal woman, I have a lot of ethical trouble with the books. Bella mostly just watches Edward sparkle and pits her entire emotional existence on him. When he’s not around she turns to Jacob (sorry, next book). So I agree with Brit that she seems to define herself by men. The mormon thing creeps me out too; at first I thought the abstinence issue was just a plot device, but over a thousand pages later and it’s not going anywhere. I think I’d let my daughters read them when they’re older (it’s better than Lonely Werewolf Girl…have you read it?) but as with any books, keep the discussion open.

    I didn’t like The Host as much. The main character felt too self-depreciating for my taste.

    Thanks for checking out my site!

  4. hollybookscoops

    Soooo, anyone up for the movie opening at midnight tonight? I already commented on this over at Cari’s CS Lewis post, but since I haven’t figured out how to link over there yet, I’ll just tell you to go check it out. It’s about watching movies after reading the book instead of before.

    It’s amazing to me the conflicted feelings people have about the twilight series. Love/junk-food-junkie/ etc. So far, I think I’m the one that’s liked it the least out of all my friends who’ve read it. And, I still liked it, a lot more than I thought I would. What makes a book so full of controversy and yet so likable? I think it’s all in the chocolate (the literary junk food). It must push some sort of feel-good button in the brain. Maybe we just all want to know there are nice vampires out there. That must be it. Because it most certainly is not the obsessed, whinyness that Brit pointed out. Yeah, definitely ethical conflict and maybe conflict is what keeps it exciting. What do you think?

  5. caribookscoops

    okay so I finally gave in and read Twilight, just the first one. I agree with a lot of what has been said, this is an easy book to read, in fact it’s written on about 5th grade level of reading. I am not even sure why I liked it, I don’t think the writing is top-notch, but I sure did enjoy it.

    Definitely junk food literature as Cynthia said.



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