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Little Black Ant by Janet Halfmann, Illustrated by Kathleen Reitz

by | Feb 28, 2011 | Blog | 0 comments

My review of Little Black Ant on Park Street by Janet Halfmann has been in the works. . .um. . . since July 2010. I read the book with oldest daughter, in July and at that time I was pregnant with number 3. With hisĀ  arrival, taking care of a very active 2 year old and my oldest starting first grade, I had to drop something in my life. Rather than my children taking the brunt my blogging slowed to a stop.

But I am excited to jump back into blogging with Nonfiction Monday with my review of Little Black Ant, which interestingly enough we had a lot of black ants around our house last summer. Including a few of the winged variety. We loved the illustrations and it was fun to compare the illustrations of lavender and dandelions to the one’s in our backyard. My daughter and I were excited to learn that the winged ants we saw were most likely female ants on their way to start a colony. Reading about ants brought back some memories of my daughter’s failed attempt to keep ants in her jewelry box. Once again Janet Halfmann has proven herself as a wonderful nonfiction writer for kids, with detailed research, balanced with a knack for story telling. Little Black Ant has been added to our favorites list.

Little Black Ant on Park Street is part of the Soundprints Smithsonian’s Backyard Collection. An excellent series for learning about the natural world just out your back door.

Janet Halfmann’s Website

Kathleen Reitz’s Blog

*Review copy provided by Soundprints


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