Double Scoop – For this month we reviewed Owen by Kevin Henkes. We love this book for many reasons- perhaps mostly because we are blanket lovers just like Owen. This is a great picture book for all those who have children with a special blanket and those who don’t fall into that category will get a kick out of Owen anyway.

Cari’s Pick of the Month: Guts: The True Stories Behind Hatchet and the Brian Books

Holly’s Pick of the Month: The Toughest Cowboy. We loved this raucous, hilarious tale at our house and highly recommend it!

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Blog Spotlights

Shirley at SimplyScience Blog an excellent blog about, as you guess, science. It has lots of great books to read and science activities for up to 5th grade from a former teacher who taught science K-12. Shirley also has written a trade book called No Bows and is definitely passionate about science.

Cindy Pon at a A Little Sweet a Little Sour also her website. Cindy’s debut novel Silver Phoenix is due to come out at the end of April. Cari first saw her book on someone else’s blog and was intrigued, fell in love with the cover of the book and the story idea. Cari is a huge fantasy fan and plans to read the book as soon as she can. Cindy is an artist/writer/ SAHM so check out her book and blog.


The Cybils will be announced on Valentine’s Day. So stay tuned for the winners and checkout the finalists.

Our Doublescoop for February will be Nightjohn by Gary Paulsen in honor of Black History Month