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Beatrix Potter Nursery Rhyme Book and CD

by | Apr 8, 2009 | Blog | 4 comments

beatrix-potterI have been aware of Beatrix Potter since I was young and heard the tales of Peter Rabbit who was endlessly getting into trouble. For my surprise girl’s night birthday party that my dear husband put together for me this last year, my good friend, Becky Y., brought a newer movie I’d never heard of before. She thought it would be perfect for a group of friends, most of whom are avid readers like me. The movie was new to me, all about the famous author Beatrix Potter. I had begun requesting her titles at our library as part of an effort to broaden my horizons and become familiar with more classics. I loved the movie (you don’t have to read a book first to make it worthwhile), which closely follows the life of Beatrix. She was one amazing woman, crossed in love, and always with a story at the tip of her tongue- or should I say fingers?

This collection of nursery rhymes comes with a lovely CD that adds to the magic of Potter’s illustrations and turns the rhymes into sweet melodies, while also educating those of us who don’t know how to properly pronounce certain English words. Research has shown that children who are taught songs and rhymes do better at reading and in other areas of academics. Start young in the nursery with this collection, and you won’t be sorry! For the most part, there are not as many foreign phrases and terms as you find in some of Potters other tales ie. The Tailor of Gloucester.

Our former library recently purchased the Nursery Rhyme Book and CD at the same time that my favorite of all Potter’s little pocket size books finally became available on my request list:

fierce-bad-rabbit1The Story of A Fierce Bad Rabbit- a new favorite of my two year old. I think children at a young age like to see things in black and white, good vs. evil. He likes to see the Fierce Bad Rabbit in direct contrast with the nice gentle Rabbit. When the Fierce Bad Rabbit bullies the younger one, the consequences are more than he bargained for, and justice to the sweet gentle rabbit who escapes the man with a gun. Of course, our favorite page had to be the one my toddler can almost quote, “Shoot- Bang!” (along with actions and sound effects) The Fierce Bad Rabbit learns a very good lesson- to not be so greedy and rude. This is my favorite of the Beatrix Potter books and I highly recommend it!

Either of these books are a great way to celebrate new life this spring! Easter is just around the corner and any of Potter’s titles are a wholesome addition to baskets. They also make great baby shower/adoption gifts!


  1. Britt

    I honestly don’t think I ever read ANY Beatrix Potter as a child, but I started reading Susan Wittig Albert’s Cottage Tales a couple of years ago, and got hooked!

    So yes, there I was, a full-grown adult (and mom!) reading The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter… to myself.


  2. hollybookscoops

    Britt- That’s the miracle of timeless classics. They appeal to all ages and bring back the magic of childhood. Some of Potter’s books have language my kids couldn’t understand, so some of her books are funner to read to myself.

    Have you watched Miss Potter? It, amazingly, greatly adds to the appeal of her works.

  3. Britt

    I actually haven’t seen it yet. I really need to!!

    I have the book, too. (The novelization of the movie, I guess.) I haven’t read it either. Books I own tend to take the backseat since they don’t have a due date!

  4. hollybookscoops

    Britt- I know what you mean, library books are always at the top of the stack because of that looming deadline. I should check out the book, I wonder which is better, the book or the movie? It’s usually the book, but if it’s based off the movie, maybe not.

    Anyone else know?


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