A Newberry Honor book

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I read this book after first finding and reading its sequel, A Year Down Yonder. This is a great family read-aloud, or car-trip audio. Joey and his sister Mary Alice spend a week every summer visiting their Grandma Dowdel. Why the parents never come for a visit becomes apparent when you find out the quirks and looming domination that are Grandma Dowdel. Any daughter-in-law would be petrified and find good reason why only her children needed to visit.

Peck has you in stitches with the antics of Grandma Dowdel as she works her own form of vigilante justice. Dead mice find their way into milk bottles to get the best of bad milk boys. The funeral she gives in her own parlor for a dead-beat makes me shiver as I write about it now. The State Fair gooseberry pie contest made me glad that I have  no interest in the politics of food judging. And the airplane ride at the end, was just the icing on the cake! This book stands on its own two feet as does the sequel and I highly recommend them both.

Look for our double scoop review coming later this week on A Year Down Yonder.