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Wemberly Worried by Kevin Henkes

by | Jan 25, 2009 | Blog | 3 comments

 Do you have a child who worries? Obsessively? Compulsively? Meet Wemberly, the queen of worriers. She’s got some great things to worry about- things at the playground that were, “Too rusty. Too loose. Too high.” . . . I thought this would be a good book for my little worry-wart. It ended up that it was just what the doctor ordered for all of us. It turns out that, while there are always things to worry about, there are also a lot of things to enjoy about life.


At the end of the book my kids said, “she worried about silly stuff.” We then discussed the things I know they worry about that in the daytime, after reading this book, also seemed a little silly. I’m glad that Wemberly learned that reaching out to others and making friends cause worries to disappear. Just like magic. I think I’ll work a little magic on a few of my worries and choose joy and friendship over all that worrying. I bet my waist line will appreciate it. I just learned from Body for Life for Women, that worrying is a sure-fire way to add pounds to your waist line. So, shouldn’t that work in reverse? If you decide not to worry I would think that would be a sure-fire way to make pounds disappear. Poof! (okay, it hasn’t worked yet, but I’m not gonna worry about that.


Yet another stellar book from award-winning author/illustrator Kevin Henkes. The illustrations are true to form- vibrant, colorful, endearing. I want to be like Kevin Henkes when I grow up!


  1. caribookscoops

    Holly this looks like such a good book and I like the idea of not worrying about pounds coming off so then they will just slide off with “no worries”. I will definitely have to check this one out.

  2. Fulano

    It’s true stress and worries are directly related to a persons overall health and well being. What a great book for little ones to learn that life can be fun and filled with friends.

    The way I keep the “worrie warts” from popping out all over my skin is by imagining my toddler son every time a stressor tries to take over my mind. His fun filled eyes, huggable neck and delightful giggle chase away the worries with my own smile every time guarenteed!

  3. hollybookscoops

    Fulano- sounds like you have a great worry solution at your house. There’s nothing like a great hug and snuggle to help me relax too.


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