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 I really liked this first book in the New York Times Bestselling Uglies series. Tally Youngblood is waiting in Ugly Town for her sixteenth birthday so that she can finally turn pretty and join her friends. Having a late birthday really stinks in Ugly Town. It pretty much means you’re forgotten by all of your older friends who would barely be able to stand the sight of your ugly face, so wouldn’t dare come hang out with you. Desperate to have meaningful contact with someone, Tally breaks the rules and sneaks into Pretty Town, unleashing a tide of events that turn her world upside down.

Westerfeld has brought out the ugliest inside of us as he creates a world where normal is unacceptable. The crazy thing is that in some ways, it doesn’t seem all that different to our lives now when you consider the Hollywood airbrush/plastic surgery norm to the regular folk like me. It takes the right looks to get places much of the time, even in this day and age.

So, I related to Tally’s awkward desires to be beautiful and fit in. Most of us had an ugly/awkward stage that we thankfully outgrew. Some of our stages lasted longer than others, but most of us are happy to be on the other side. I guess you could say in a way, that grown-ups live in ‘Pretty Town’. If only just in the way that we don’t have to deal with middle-school drama anymore. Sent on a top secret mission by Special Circumstances to bring her new best friend home from the Smoke, Tally starts to realize that maybe life in the pretty lane isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

I loved the hoverboarding- that sounds like such a blast and I really want a bungee jacket. Those just seem so amazing! Think how many lives those would save in fires! I was totally immersed in Tally’s world and felt like I was there. This would make an awesome, though difficult to produce movie.

 I am looking forward with great anticipation to getting the next one at the library very soon!