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The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros

by | Oct 29, 2008 | Blog | 4 comments

The House on Mango Street is like a breath of fresh air. Part funny, part tragic and part hope. It’s a lovely coming of age story for a Chicana girl growing up in Chicago surrounded by messages  telling her not to succeed. Somewhat biographical it details what life is like in the barrio. I read it for the first time in Spanish and since Spanish is my second language it became clear that I missed some of the nuances when I re-read it in English. It was excellent and a quick read.  I highly recommend this book.


  1. Britt

    I agree, great book! And a really quick read.
    Thanks for picking this one, I don’t know that I’d have read it otherwise.

  2. caribookscoops

    I am glad I re-read it otherwise I would have missed out of some of the things I missed when I read it Spanish. Although I enjoyed reading it, in both languages just different experiences.

  3. Susan (Chicken Spaghetti)

    I haven’t read this one in a long time, but would like to re-read it. And what a great way to practice my Spanish (which is very rusty) if I read it in that language. Great idea.

  4. caribookscoops

    I definitely need to brush up on my Spanish. I am considering doing a few reviews in Spanish. So we will see. I think you get a different feel for a book reading it in another language.


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