I just finished this time-travel series and I have to say, I’m in awe. I only hope that someday I can do something this amazing, or at the very least in the shadow of something this amazing. I’ve read time-travel series before, and I’m usually fascinated by them at the same time that I’m a little annoyed because there is so much randomness to how the time travel actually takes place. I had no such irritation this time. Lisa Mangum has an amazing imagination. Have I said how amazing she is yet? I know, I’m getting a little redundant. Moving on…

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#1 – The Hourglass Door

The first book in the trilogy had me a little nervous at the beginning. I really was afraid that Dante might be a vampire or something. Not that I’m afraid of vampires, just a little sick of them. I was refreshingly surprised to find that it had nothing to do with vampires, but the river of time. Abby is living a life that seems ideal, but it’s not the life that she wants and she decides to look into changing that life to the dismay of her boyfriend and family. I enjoyed each one of the three books in the series, and think that you will too. Be sure to check out the second and third books in the series, The Golden Spiral and The Forgotten Locket. I think the third was my favorite, but I think that all of them are worth adding to a home library.