I’d like to just say I loved this book, ‘nuf said. But that wouldn’t really make this review very good.

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So, I loved this book more than Twilight. Please don’t hate me. I thought it was easier for me to imagine an alien species implanting itself into my brain than it was for me to imagine a vampire living within a three hour drive from my home (which would translate into how long of a vampire run? Scary!). Maybe it just has to do with some twisted comfort-level thing. But, yeah. Vampires are not my favorite topic, and aliens don’t bug me so much. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m a spacehead but I actually thought that this novel was more ‘realistic’ and believable.

Melanie Stryder has the ultimate stubborn will, grit, determination, and a huge heart. All of these make it difficult for her when she is captured by aliens disguised as the human hosts they have invaded like parasites. When Wanderer is implanted at the base of Melanie’s skull, she is shocked to find that Melanie will not give up her mind, her body, her life. As the two struggle for balance and sanity, Melanie begins to influence Wanda’s pacifist views.

If you haven’t read the book, I don’t want to spoil it for you, but I really thought Stephenie Meyer proved that she has more magic up her sleeve than some were willing to believe. I would love to read a sequel. Hopefully that will soon be a reality! I was a fan of Meyer before, just more of the  squirm in your seat, uncomfortable with vampires kind. I’m sorry, I know that sounds pitiful. But, I was the person who always watched horror movies (we’re talking the Disney ones) through my fingers and writhed in discomfort until they were over. So, as I mentioned in my Twilight review, I was pleasantly surprised that Twilight wasn’t horribly creepy. Maybe that says more for my mostly g-rated imagination than it does for Meyer’s series. I think I liked the host better simply because the topic was different. Space is a ‘frontier’ I’m more acclimated to. I was an avid Star Trek watcher in high school (but not exactly what you would call a Trekie). My brother and I would sneak up past our bedtimes to watch it in the basement. So I guess alien lifeforms are a lot more familiar to me.

If you are unsure why I would review an ‘adult’ book on a kids lit blog here’s the answer: this book will appeal to YA just as much as Twilight did. I think the only reason it was classified adult fiction is because the publisher wanted to appeal to a larger audience. They already knew the YA fans were in the bag. Plus, I think the writing is more refined and so are the life-lessons- I personally think Melanie and Wanda are better examples for kids than Bella. I wouldn’t make my kids wait to read these, whereas for Twilight, I would definitely have an age limit. Any other thoughts on this?

Okay, I better end this post before I babble too much. Read the Host, it’s awesome.  Kuddos to Stephenie Meyer- I can’t wait to read your next book!