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****Beware – Spoilers below****

At the end of book two, Tally is betrayed by her best friend Shay and turned into a Cutter, a young Special. Under the leadership of Shay, Tally learns to use her weapon-grade body to tame and shape the world around her. Eventually, though, Tally once again re-wires her mind to think outside the brain lesions. I appreciated the care that Tally took of her former friends, despite the fact that being a Special made them repulsive to her, and did I mention the mandate to destroy the New Smoke? Oh the arrogance of superiority and pride! I found myself liking Tally less and less and then more and more. I was shocked by the lengths Special Circumstances would go to to preserve what they felt was a justified ‘utopia’. As well as the things Shay would do to trick once she felt that she was better than everyone.

Tally’s decision in the end I felt was a little abrupt, although it made perfect sense. I just really would have liked to hear a little more of Tally and David’s conversation- but that’s probably the romantic in me. What would it have been like to be a fly on the wall in the Rusty Ruins as they made their plans, and Tally explained to David what solitary confinement had clarified for her? Um, yeah. “Light, Light, I see light, bzzzzt!” That’s all I’d care about if I were a fly on the wall. I guess I’ll just have to make up the conversation myself. I was rooting for David the whole time anyway. Who did you like better, David or Zane? I liked them both, I just felt like Tally filled the emptiness of David being gone subconsciously with Zane. I was surprised that she stuck it out with Zane so long- not because of his injuries, but just because in my world I wanted her to remember her love for David and not let anything stand in the way. I guess that just goes to show I’m not the author.

I was a little disapointed to find out that this is the last of the series, but apparently there is a 4th, Extra’s, although it’s not exactly the same characters- more on that in the review coming soon. I appreciate Scott Westerfeld’s ability to create a whole new world and make it so believable. It sure would be a kick to visit Tally’s future! Thanks for a great read!