We saw this at the library and I knew we had to get it. You see my daughter is afraid of the dark. So now you’re thinking what does being afraid of the dark have to do with skunks? Well my daughter saw an episode of Curious George about skunks and she learned that they are nocturnal and not only that they can make you stink when they spray. So in classic pre-school logic this translates into

Her: Mom I am afraid of the dark

Me: Why are you afraid of the dark?

Her:  Because skunks are nocturnal so I am afraid of the dark because because they might get in my room when I’m sleeping.

Basically her fear is that these skunks might somehow get in the house after dark and get in her room and then lift their tail . . . and the rest would be as they say . . . stinky. (We have a hard time convincing her to go places after dark because of skunks, which is kind of hard to avoid going out after dark considering the sun goes down at 5:00 pm)

I thought Skunks! might help her not focus so much on her fear of the dark/skunks. And this book is a fun one about skunks with rhymes and hilarious illustrations. She loved it!!!!! So far we have gone one week without the skunk fear. One of my favorite pages is the skunkmobile covered in skunks. This is what is says

Climb into your skunkmobile

Snap a skunk salute

Then rocket out of the skunk cave

In your super skunker suit

Hyper windshield-wiper skunks

Little baby diaper skunks

(Not only are they likable

They’re naturally recyclable)

Who would have thought skunks are so green. Really it’s a fun read – the pictures and words will crack you up. I am NOT convinced though that skunks would work for ‘undies’ as Greenberg suggests. I highly recommend this book.

So just out of curiosity do any of you have a fun I’m scared of the dark or skunk story? If so please share.