A Dear America Special Edition set in Vienna, Austria and New York, 1938

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The beginning of this book is a beautiful description of what Austria was like just before Hitler was allowed to take over the beautiful country of his birth. Julie and her family live a life of privilege and comfort until, as Jews, they are stripped of their dignity and way of life. Julie’s father is a respected Doctor in the community and continues to serve in his profession, despite persecution and atrocities played out on innocents all around him. Julie’s mother is taken away by the Nazis and is returned never to be the same. Her older brother, Max wants to go to Palestine, and when things get really bad, Julie’s Father sends her to America to live with her Aunt and Uncle.

Younger readers will probably not read between the lines as much as an older reader would. Some cautions for parents are that this book deals with suicide, and the holocaust in all its horrors, although rather watered down compared to some other books, it’s still a heavy topic.

This review is part of my efforts to honor National Holocaust Month during April.