I know Thanksgiving is just around the corner and people start thinking about gratitude, but I wanted to give people an update on what has been happening in my life. Last week my 5 year old daughter had a tonic clonic seizure or grand mal seizure in the parking lot of the school. Gratefully I was with her for the whole time and was able to call an ambulance. She went to the local children’s hospital and we were able to get into a specialist within a week, which if you know about getting into specialists it takes a while. We feel extremely grateful. Officially the diagnosis is Generalized Seizure Disorder, which means she has seizures, but the type that she has she will most like outgrow them. It can be managed by medication and will not damage her brain. She will be able to do whatever other children do swimming, biking, going to school and of course reading.

We are grateful for the wonderful docters and paramedics who helped us and for the our faith in God who helped us through this difficult time. I also wanted to raise awareness about epilepsy, which to get diagnosed with epilepsy you need to have 2 documented seizures, which she has. This last Sunday 60 minutes did a special on Epilepsy please take the time to watch the episode. From their website, “More Americans suffer from epilepsy than Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis combined.” My daughter’s situation is not in the same category as many of the people featured in the special, but this experience has certainly raised my awareness and made me want to tell people more about this disease that affects so many people.

Needless to say, with this adventure and my sister’s lack of internet (she just moved into a new home), we are behind on our Double Scoop for October. Hopefully, I will have it ready by the end of today.

Websites on epilepsy – Epilepsy.com, and The Epilepsy Foundation.

I am on the look out for children’s book about epilepsy and about going to the hospital, if you know of any please leave the titles in the comments.