I really liked Night Hoops by Carl Deuker and I am not what you would call a big sports fan, but I do like a good story and Night Hoops is definitely a good story. Here is a basic summary of the book.

Nick has everything he needs to be a star basketball player. He lives, breathes and plays basketball. His dad even put a full size basketball court put in their yard. However, when trouble maker Trent Dawson, who also happens to be Nick’s neighbor, makes it on the varsity team, Nick is not sure how he can play on the same team. Not only does Trent add to Nick’s problems, but his parents are splitting up possibly over his father’s obsession with basketball. Also Trent finds himself in serious trouble – possibly on the wrong side of the law. How can Nick remain loyal to family, friends and the sport he loves?

One thing I did appreciate about the book was even though sports is a major part of the story  it doesn’t have to be the end all of life. Nick’s brother, a talented play decides to choose music over basketball because that is what he wants to do rather than sports (much to their father’s chagrin).

I highly recommend this book! I also read another one of Carl Deuker’s books entitled Gym Candy and I really liked it as well. Carl Deuker’s website.

As a middle school literacy specialist I am on the look out for some more great sport stories for teens, what are some of your favorites?