I ordered this book at our library, and finally got it in. My boys were absolutely thrilled.

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“Did you order this for me?!?”

“No, it’s mine, I love mongooses.”

“It’s mine, right, Mom?”

“Is it mine? Is it mine? Is it mine?!?!?!?”

“It’s for all of us. We will all read it together.”

(collective sigh and rolling eyes)


So, we all read it together and the verdict is in. This is one of their favorite books. Who would have thought that Mongooses would top the list of popular subjects in our house?

Mongoose is not for the squeemish as it shows pictures of scorpions, cobras and other creepy creatures. Many of them in the process of being devoured by Mongooses. There is blood. Lots of dripping, oozing blood. Nasty! No wonder it was such a hit!

Mongooses are amazing creatures who eat a remarkable variety of things from bugs (think Timon on Lion King) to snakes, rats and birds. I was sure within the first few pages that we had hit upon the solution for Cari’s varmint problem. Sadly, Janet informs us that it’s illegal to bring Mongooses to the United States. Sorry, Cari. You’ll just have to get a cat I guess.

Thanks Janet, for some fun bed time reading. It took us a couple of nights to get through because there is so much great information. We’re definitely going to be checking out more Halfmann books!