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Idaho Breastfeeding Coalition Coloring Pages

by | Jul 24, 2017 | Blog, Illustration | 0 comments

I am thrilled to share with you that I had the great opportunity to create some coloring pages for the Idaho Breastfeeding Coalition’s 2017 Conference in Boise, Idaho. It’s been so. much. fun! Check out my finished piece and then share yours in the comments and on social media using #hollypapacoloring. Let’s use our art to promote the beautiful gift of breastfeeding!

Mammary Gland Mandala InktenseBurnished

If you would like to purchase my breastfeeding coloring book, Drops of Love, please check out my shop. Thank you for partnering with me to create art that empowers women. Together we can help the world embrace the natural, organic, magnificent art and gift of breastfeeding!

Don’t forget to share your finished or in-progress piece in the comments below and post to social media with the tag #hollypapacoloring.



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