If you’ve noticed (is anyone still reading our blog?) we still have our Holiday season buttons on our blog. I feel a little bit sheepish kind of like the neighbor down the street who just took down their Christmas decorations down last week.  I have been a bit absent from the book blogging community as has my sister who is preparing for baby #4. We are still here and I have plans to jump back in starting this week, although my sister my need a little more time. I have missed the book blogging community immensly.

Apparently my grand plans for the New Year fell apart and I mixed up more than a few dates for blogging events like Bloggiesta and social events I had planned on attending. I have to confess in large part because we are still learning about and dealing with my daughter’s recent diagnosis of Epilepsy. She had a breakthrough seizure during the first week of January, which means that she had a seizure while on anti-seizure medication. In other words it wasn’t supposed to happen. Life was going pretty well, and it still is, but we have been taken on an unexpected ride (no ambulance this time though) and I have had to really focus on my family the last little while. The doctor increased her medication and we pray and hope that it will work as some of the other meds have a lot more scary side effects. She has been seizure free for about 5 weeks (let’s keep our fingers crossed). If anything I am learning to take life one day at a time and sometimes it’s one moment at a time because that’s all I can do some days. I am still reading lots and reading with both my kids, which has been a life-saver the last several months.

So here’s to a New Year and Happy Valentine’s Day and look out for some great book reviews and some fun posts about Holly finally getting her revenge Rapunzel style on her sister Cari.