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Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins

by | Mar 17, 2009 | Blog | 10 comments

gregor-the-overlander1I enjoyed this modern-day version of Alice in Wonderland. Swap Alice for Gregor and substitute creepy rats, spiders and bats for the mad hatter, cheshire cat and queen of hearts. Gregor gets to the Underland by falling through a laundry grate with his sister Boots, only to find that he has long been expected. He arrives on the cusp of a war, and when he’s asked to step up to a role foretold by ancient prophecy, Gregor takes his little sister, Boots, and flees- but his destiny turns out to be rather inescapable.

Completely different than I expected, I can’t wait to read the next book in the series! (okay, by now I’ve read it, but I can’t wait to post about it). I was rather grossed out by some of the creatures and the ways they live, fight and behave, which made the tale even more intriguing. I think that any adventure loving boy or girl will find that this is a series they can love and look forward, with anticipation, to the sequels.

Here’s what other people are saying: The Mysterious Stranger at Boys Rule Boys Read (a blog about books that boys like to read and recommend) said “Out of all the Book Series I have read, the “Gregor the Overlander Series” by Susan Collins is one of my all time favorites.” I would have to agree. I passed this recommendation on to a Mom with 4 boys. Her oldest devoured the series within 2 weeks (if I remember right) and then went back and re-read the last one to make sure he didn’t miss anything. I think my oldest will be ready for this series in a year or two, and I’m sure they will be a hit with him as well.

Just in case you think these books are just for boys, beware: there is a great female character named Luxa, not to mention Boots, who both play great roles in the books and girls are loving them just as much as boys. Book Dweeb’s review says, “Collins creates a fast-paced, detailed fantasy world sure to keep young readers coming back for more.” And by the comments she’s gotten on her review, she’s not kidding.

Check out Suzanne Collins website for more information and to read about Hunger Games, her most recent book.


  1. Suey

    After Hunger Games, you know I’m going to have to try this one!

  2. Terri B.

    So glad to see others reading these! I had so much fun with them. Reading them, I could remember what it felt like to be 8 yrs old and totally engrossed in a reading adventure.

  3. Deanna

    Sounds like I should put this on my TBR to have for future reference. Thanks for the review.

  4. hollybookscoops

    Suey- I still need to read Hunger Games. You won’t regret reading the Overlander series. Suzanne Collins is an excellent writer.

    Terri- I’m glad you had fun reading these. They reminded me of Red Wall a little bit, I think because of the rats. Although I enjoyed these more. They would have been fun to read as a youngster, if they’d been around.

    Deanna- Definitely worthy of your TBR list! you’re welcome!

  5. Laura H

    I found your blog thru Good clean reads. You have a great blog. Cant wait to read more.

    I LOVED Hunger Games. So after reading it I checked out the Gregor series. I’m in the middle of book 4 right now. They dont disappoint. Great characters. She is an excellent writer.

  6. hollybookscoops

    Laura H- Thank you! We are glad to bring you great recommendations- so keep checking back for the latest reviews.

    I really need to get Hunger games. I’m glad you like the Gregor series too. I look forward to seeing what Collins writes next.

  7. summer

    i am reading the book for school and i need information so can u help me please just senx me some information on yahoo

  8. Joseluis

    I’m reading this book and I have to do a book report for my reading grade, I need some information about it

  9. Ann

    wow these books are amazing my friend got me into them and they are so good i cant stop reading!!!! my mom yells at me to go to bed because if i could i would stay up all night reading them!!!!! (=

  10. Seth

    Are you really not going to make another book or is it a joke. Whats the point of making awesome book with a depressing ending. PLEASE make another book.



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