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Girls Hold Up This World by Jada Pinkett Smith, Photographs by Donyell Kennedy-McCullough

by | Mar 31, 2009 | Blog | 2 comments

book_covergirls-hold-up-this-world2I read Girls Hold Up This World as part of my reading for Women’s History Month in March and it is part of my Diversity Rocks! challenge, which asks you to read books who are written by minorities. Jada Pinkett Smith is an African American actress, singer and writer appearing in films such as the Matrix Reloaded & Ali and also play Lena James in A Different World, a Cosby Show spin off.  She is married to Will Smith.

Girls Hold Up This World is a short poem about how girls are special, strong and beautiful. I enjoyed it. My daughter liked it, but didn’t seem overly interested, most likely because its not Dr. Seuss type poetry. So I think with time she will like it better. Donyell’s photographs are powerful, vibrant and full of life. Women and girls are featured from lots of different backgrounds and I like that. The photos and poem make me feel strong, which I think is the intended purpose.

My favorite lines are these,

We are sisters of this Earth – members of one powerful tribe.

Every color, age, and size, we’re united by beauty inside.

I am considering buying this book for my two newest nieces, who we hope will be a permanent part of our brother’s family. My brother and sister-in-law are planning on adopting a sibling group of three bi-racial children. We hope it works out for them!

Girls Hold This World is my final book for Women’s Histoy in March. I have a few more I didn’t get to and will be posting some more reviews when I get a chance. Click on the title to see my other reviews The Paper Bag Princess, When Marian Sang, Wintergirls, Grace for President and With Courage and Cloth.


  1. alirambles

    Sounds like a beautiful, empowering book for girls! Remember to post the link to your review on the Diversity Rocks site to enter for a copy of A Lucky Child!

  2. caribookscoops

    alirambles – It really is a beautiful book. Thanks for the reminder.


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