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Gallop! A Scanimation Picture Book by Rufus Butler Seder

by | Oct 17, 2008 | Blog | 6 comments

What a fun way to bring life to pictures through patented scanimation technology. The animals literally move across the page encouraging parent-child interaction and adding to any child’s wonder of the world.


Ours was a gift from generous ‘Uncle Charles’ who purchased it at Costco for my little horse-lover. Can we say brown noser? Needless to say it was and continues to be a hit in our house! With it’s sturdy board-book type pages, I expect that it will be in use for many years to come.


  1. Beverly

    I just saw this book for the first time today. I loved it! Very clever. By the way, what a great blog!

  2. hollybookscoops

    Thanks for the compliment- it’s been lots of fun blogging for the first time ever. I totally agree too that Gallop! is a very clever book. Where did you see it?

  3. Beverly

    I was visiting teaching on Friday and the lady we visit teach had it. I’m thinking that would be a great Christmas gift for my kids!

  4. hollybookscoops

    Costco had Gallop! last year around Christmas time or maybe it was Eeaster. I can’t remember for sure, but I think it was around $10. I think your kids would love it- all of mine have loved it, although the older ones are less fascinated now. My youngest still loves it.

  5. Natasha @ Maw Books

    I love this book1 I’ve only seen it at just the library but I’d love to add it to my collection!

  6. caribookscoops

    This seems to be a very popular book. I have put it on hold at the library to check it out. I have to be careful though not to exceed my limit of books on hold. I have to keep track of the number of books I have out too. Otherwise I will exceed the limits of how many I can check out. I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough for her own card.


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