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Fall Bookscoops Update

by | Dec 1, 2009 | Blog | 1 comment

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As you may have noticed, things have been a little slow around Bookscoops lately. One of us (Cari) has been¬†having ambulance rides and numerous hospital visits dealing with a child’s medical diagnosis of Epilepsy. Things are beginning to settle down (we hope) and we (mostly Cari) have learned a lot in the interim. Thank you very much for all your support!

The other one of us (Holly) has been making the final transition to a new home, which has taken longer than either Cari or Holly expected. Moving during soccer season with two boys on two different teams, and being pregnant at the same time just means it takes a little longer to get things done. Boy #4 is well on the way and we anticipate an early spring visit from the stork.

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At this time of year, when gratitude is paramount, we would like to say how grateful we are for wonderful books to read and for great readers and friends in the kidlitosphere. We’ve been having some great experiences and look forward to sharing them with you as we start to churn out more reviews and recommendations.

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  1. Ladytink_534

    Moving is not fun. I moved in May and I still have an entire room of boxes that need to be unpacked. Hope all is well with you and yours and everything gets settled down soon.


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