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Fablehaven by Brandon Mull

by | Apr 22, 2009 | Blog | 10 comments

fablehavenI almost quit reading Fablehaven because I couldn’t stand it. I hated… I mean hated the character Seth. Really I have never been so mad at a character in my life, not even Voldemort could rile me that much. I wanted to reach in the book, grab him and ground him for the rest of his life!!!! And that my friends is why I kept reading, because I was intrigued that Brandon Mull could get me so emotional involved in a character I didn’t even like. Seth is just dumb, I mean he seems like a nice enough kid and really he is only 11 so why do I feel so strongly about him. Well, he makes some major poor decisions that almost cost him his life (probably should have killed him except that this is a series and it doesn’t work to well to kill off a main character in the first book) not to mention the other people involved in the story.

Overall I really like the series and I did warm up to Seth, eventually . . . reluctantly . . . kicking the whole way, and  part way through the second book I started to like him. Kendra also bugged me at first as well, but my annoyance at her was slight compared to Seth. The basic story line is this Kendra and Seth are brother and sister sent away to stay with their Grandpa Sorenson who they hardly know while their parents are on a cruise. While at Fablehaven, their grandpa (grandma is mysteriously absent) gives them rules to follow, a journal and six keys to explore with. The journal and keys are clues to unlocking the truth about Fablehaven, which is a preserve to protect magical creatures such as fairies, satyrs, trolls, witches, etc.

The Fablehaven series has really grown on me and to date I have finished books two and three and I can hardly wait to read book 4. I am hooked and am a big Fablehaven fan and I happen to like both characters now. I did like the illustrations in the book as well, but to be honest the book cover did not appeal to me and that is why I had not picked it up. My grandmother gave me the books and so I decided to give them a go and wow I am now a Fablehaven junkie!

I think this book would appeal to kids (and adults) who like Harry Potter. Great read and lots of fodder for discussion on following rules and when it might just be okay to break them.

Brandon Mull’s blog and Fablehaven website.


  1. amy btw m

    I keep meaning to read these, but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Thanks for your review.

  2. Kailana

    You are not the first person I have seen a review such as this for these books. I have avoided reading them because if Seth annoys me as much as he annoys other people, I will probably not rush out and read the second book and then this series will remain uncompleted forever anyway! If my library had them it would be different, but they don’t. Considering how many people I know that have read them, I am really surprised the library doesn’t have them.

  3. Melissa

    I understand what you mean about Seth. It is like in those old horror movies where the people go into the dark spooky house or a darkened alley and you just think “what are you doing? RUN NOW!” Ah, well. I am really enjoying book 4.

  4. caribookscoops

    amy btw m – your welcome for the review, it took me almost 4 months of having them in my house to read them

    Kailana – I’m surprised that your library doesn’t have them since they seem to be so popular. And to be honest I’m not sure I would have given the books a try if I had read my own review first and it helped that own the first two.

    Melissa – That is a very good description of Seth, the horror movie where somebody doesn’t run and get away and I’m jealous I don’t have book 4 yet.

  5. Kate Coombs

    I got part-way through Book One and was just so irritated I put the book down. I suppose Seth is the biggest problem, but I also don’t feel like the writing is that great. And the adults seem to have too much page time or make too many speeches or something. So hmm. Maybe I should give it another try on the assumption that the author is going to pick up steam eventually!

  6. caribookscoops

    Kate Cooms- I can relate, I came very close to not finishing it either, but I kept reading because it was the only book by the side of my bed and then I started to like it.

  7. Alexis

    I am enjoying book four too! In the first book Seth was annoying and I thought what is he doing, almost all the time! but it’s a good book and the series is great from all that I read the second book is my favorite, just don’t read the last page of book four whatever you do, well other then if you have read all the rest of the book, duh of course!

  8. as

    ily you’re awesome and i haven’t read your fifth book of fablehaven yet. but i bet it’s awesome too!

  9. as

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  10. as

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