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April Review

by | May 10, 2009 | Blog | 0 comments

April was a busy month for us both. Cari found and applied for a literacy specialist ‘dream’ job.  Read the May review next month to find out how it turned out.  I (Holly here) left the country for the first time ever in my life to travel to the Dominican Republic with my great husband for our 10 year anniversary. We had a great time and came back appreciating clean drinking water and missing sugary-sweet fresh pineapple. While I was out of the country my husband and I took the time to visit an orphanage, one of many in the DR, and were able to pass along a few books in Spanish as well as some basketballs, a frisbee and some really louds fu-fu toys. We hope to help with some efforts to give these wonderful kids a hand up.

Despite a wonderful week of relaxation and fun that theoretically should have carried over to make my life serene for at least two weeks after getting home, I returned to have my kids all get the stomach flu one after another for all of last week. So, now that we are back on our feet and I have a couple of nights of sleep under my belt- let’s get to the May uh, I mean April review.

Our Double Scoop this month was a great read by one of our favorite authors called  A Year Down Yonder by Richard Peck

Cari’s Pick of the Month: Hmm. . . since I only reviewed three books it should be easier right, wrong! I think I will go withFablehaven by Brandon Mull.

Holly’s pick of the month: I picked two this month Greater Than Angels by Carol Matas (this was part of my reading for National Holocaust month) and On the Wings of Heroes by Richard Peck, also a WWII story.

Books Holly reviewed:

Cari reviewed:


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