I saw this title and just had to get it. Not because I want my sister to disappear, but because there were some days, when we were young, when it may have been on my mind a little bit.

This is a cute book about two sisters, whose Dad goes to Afghanistan to help the country rebuild by designing schools. While he is gone, Sprig tries hard to control her tears, while Dakota tries hard to control her younger sister, kind of. So, to retaliate against Dakota’s controlling, Sprig develops a list of ten ways to make Dakota disappear. Most of them are totally juvenile and irrational.

This book contains all the important elements of middle reader fiction- there’s puppy love, and sibling

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rivalry. I think the main reason the younger sister wants her older sister to disappear is because she is stressed and the easiest person to lash out at when you feel overwhelmed, is often the person you love the most.

A fun, quick read that all- especially sisters will understand and enjoy. The ending resolves in a pleasing way. And just so you know Cari, I never had a list. I promise.